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About the project

The Santander Orchestra is a career-development project addressed to the most talented young musicians. Not only can participants perfect their skills training under the eye of the best tutors and playing in a symphonic orchestra led by the world-renowned artists, but also learn about how to take care of their careers to succeed in the world of music.


The Santander Orchestra is a symphonic orchestra composed of the most talented musicians in Poland who develop their skills under the eye of the renowned conductors and tutors both during rehearsals and at concerts. They are offered an extraordinary opportunity to gain unique experience and test themselves while performing before very large audiences. The young artists perform during prestigious events, e.g. during the Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival and in the top modern concert halls in Poland.

… and educationally

Besides fine-tuning their musical skills, the Santander Orchestra musicians can learn about public relations, social media, finance management or copyrights, subjects that are usually omitted from the music school curricula but very important when developing one’s professional career.
The Santander Orchestra has played 12 concertos under Krzysztof Penderecki, John Axelrod, Jerzy Maksymiuk, José Maria Florêncio, and Lawrence Foster since 2015.
The originators behind the Santander Orchestra are Santander Bank Polska and MyWay Foundation that both carry out the project with the support of the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music.


We have been part of the global Santander Group that provides its services to over 140 million clients in the 10 key markets across Europe and both Americas for seven years already. Using the opportunities offered by the global presence of our Group, we provide products and services that are based on innovative financial solutions backed up by the 160 years of the Santander experience. We work on achieving high quality service and continue to adjust to the changing environment and requirements so that our clients can use our services in the way that suits them best. We use new technologies to develop our service portfolio and provide an easy and intuitive access to financial services. Our priority has been to build long-term relations based on trust, financial comfort, and safety.

Besides our business, we have also promote other activities. We support local communities by undertaking a variety of educational and cultural projects. Our Santander Universidades programme supports higher education institutions, academic research, and entrepreneurship. We have sponsored the exhibition From Cranach to Picasso. A Santander Collection and the 17th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition. Our major corporate social responsibility project are How’s Your Driving, Halo Tato or Finansiaki.



MyWay Foundation

The MyWay Foundation established in 2013 focuses on supporting young talented classical musicians in their professional career. In the first year of the activity, the Foundation took care of four outstanding musicians, the students at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. For several months, a flutist Jennyfer Fouani, violinists Agata Nowak and Magdalena Langman and a saxophonist Szymon Zawodny have been professionally supported by the Foundation thereby receiving training and workshops on,

amongst others, copyrights management, finance, motivation and stress management. Apart from such support, they also received individual, multimedia portfolios with professional recordings, biography, videos, professional photo shoots and an internet website. Today this is a basic set of marketing tools that facilitates the start of career at the music market.

Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music

A unique project at an international scale - the first of this kind centre for the development of young music talents in Poland and in Europe. The centre is a meeting place for talented artists, young musicians and renowned teachers, as well as a place to share experience, study in group and develop. The idea behind this unique centre was to create conditions that would allow for comparison with peers and contact with unquestionable authorities of the Polish and the European music world.

The centre beats with music all year round by inviting artists and audiences to concerts, festivals, trainings, seminars, meetings and music workshops. The Lusławice facilities include, among others, a concert hall for 650 people, education part which comprises individual and team training rooms, a library and a guest part with a living section for the participants of the programme - teachers and young artists. The architecture of the modern Centre is an integral part of the environment and an ideal place for creative activity.